Emigreren naar Nederland: het leven van een expat

After years of working for a big IT-company in Mumbai I got a job offer to work for a smaller Dutch IT-company that is based in Delft. Even though I was newly married with a baby on its way I accepted the job offer. My wife and I moved to Delft in November 2019 and we are still very happy. Delft is an amazing city with a lot of history. It is also a vibrant city because of the big university in town. This makes us feel young and welcome. At the beginning we thought that we would be homesick after a while, but this is certainly not the case. The interesting historic buildings, canals, bars and cafes are endless. Also, other big cities such as Den Haag or Rotterdam are around the corner.

Liefde voor ‘big city madness’

We were lucky that the IT-company took care of our stuff which made the moving process a whole lot easier. As mentioned before in India we were living in Mumbai. I don’t assume that you know a lot about Mumbai, but I do think that you know how busy and crowdy the big cities in India are. For me personally, the greatest challenge about living in the Netherland has been missing those things. I love the fact that it is so quiet here and everything is so clean, but I miss the stress of a large metropolis. My wife thinks I am crazy because she does not miss her busy life in a big city such as Mumbai and she enjoys all the quietness she can get in Delft.

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